Hi guys! I was thinking of ways to help out students like you with your heritage fair projects. I know the fair date is nerve-wracking, as I have been through it myself. So I’m giving tips on an area of heritage fair projects that I struggled most with – presenting! Here is a top 5 list of things to keep in mind; you can use this for both interviews with judges and presentations to the public!

5. Know your information:

It is very important to present accurate information, so read through your poster board and try to summarize key ideas.

4. Prepare for questions unrelated to history:

Many students and friends of mine go crazy studying their topic in depth. That’s not bad, but what if interviewers ask you questions about yourself? Ask yourself, “what have I learned about my own work habits from this project?” “What can I do differently next time?” Etc.

3. Use your own words:

Summarize and rewrite your conclusions in a way that would sound casual if said out loud. Something that’s straight out of a textbook may be harder for us to understand.

2. Don’t hesitate to say, “I’m not sure”:

Sometimes, judges or viewers may ask you a question that you are unsure of. Try not to make something up, or say something that sounds right. It is best to be honest.

1. Be passionate about your topic and SMILE:

Always try to relate your topic to personal connections and experiences you’ve had. That way, we will know for sure that you love history. It also never hurts to smile… right? 🙂

Thanks for reading guys, I really hope this helps get most of the jitters out of your system before your interviews. That being said, what else makes you nervous before the big fair day? Please share with us in the comments!

Author: Monica