Hello world of future historians! My name is Paterson How and I am currently an Alumni
of the BC Heritage Fair program. Today I decided to talk to you a bit about a couple of
tricks of the trade I picked up during my 4 years of making heritage fair projects. These
tips focus on the presentation aspect of Heritage Fair as from what I remember most of
you will currently be making boards and working on oral presentations.

To begin one of the greatest things to start with when making a board is a good layout,
when doing this the main thing to remember is to effectively use your space. Sometimes
I have seen a few projects (including one or two of my own) where some 3d model or a
title blocks some important information or an area of the board that you might be using
as a reference. Next, when presenting, make sure your oral presentation flows well.
What I mean by this is that it’s usually best to the story of either how you created your
project or the history of your event to each of your products instead of just naming each
individual product and then calling your presentation complete.

My biggest final tip is: be creative! Sometimes a little innovativeness in a project can
go a loooong way. Now there are lots of ways to make a more creative project. For
example, I have seen timelines that spin, a screen put in the very centre of the board
(as in off the ground) to show a video, a board painted to become a mosaic, a model
where you move a boat to see how land affects its travels and many, many more ideas
that don’t just make for a good project, but also make you feel proud of yourself and
of your project. They also can create the best memories of your projects and there
something that if you save one day you can look back on and say “wow, I made that
when I was in grade 4/5/6/7.”

So thank you for reading these tips and I hope they help you both this year and in the
years to come.

Author: Paterson