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This meeting’s challenge! — January 31, 2014

This meeting’s challenge!

Alumni, prepare yourselves for next meeting’s challenge: 

What or who is your favourite moment or person in Canadian history?

A tough question, with so many great possible answers!

Who is YOUR favourite Canadian figure? Which is YOUR favourite moment in our history?

Leave us your answer in the comments below!

What is the alumni program? —

What is the alumni program?

The Alumni Program is the youth component of  the Board of Directors. Participation in the Alumni Program allows students the opportunity to remain active in the Heritage Fair community, beyond participating in the regional or provincial fairs. As such, an Alumni can be anyone who presented at a Regional or Provincial Fair, who has a passion for learning, and is engaged by Canada’s history. Currently, there are 20 spaces in the program. These 20 students—from across the province—meet once or twice a month via conference call to discuss Heritage Fair related topics, issues arising in Heritage Fairs provincially, and to work on projects which connect them to their peers, and the greater heritage community. In order to participate in this program, talk to your Regional Coordinator after the Fairs in May or July, and keep a look-out for the application forms which are usually released in September.

For more information on Heritage Fairs, the Alumni Program, and heritage education in BC see the BC Heritage Fairs Society website: http://www.bcheritagefairs.ca !